Dylans Barber Shop Birchwood LincolnFirstly hello and welcome to our website, my name is Jason and I am the owner of Dylan’s Barber Shop.Dylan’s Barber shop is a modern looking but traditional barbers were you can come and have a stylish haircut with a nice cup of tea or coffee and great conversation. We opened on the 20th of August 2011 as we believed there was or should I say is a need for a barber’s in the Birchwood area.

I myself had to travel 8 miles each way to get a good haircut so decided to open my own barber shop. After a lot of hard work I managed to find two great barbers which you can read all about in our meet the barbers section of this website. 

As you have seen from the prices on the main page we are not here to undercut other barbers or hairdressers in the area. I strongly believe our prices are set correctly especially when you see the very high standards that our barbers achieve on every haircut.

So welcome to Dylan’s and I hope to see you soon.

Opening Times

0830 - 1730 Monday
0830 - 1730 Tuesday
0830 - 1730 Wednesday
0830 - 1900 Thursday
0830 - 1730 Friday
0830 - 1630 Saturday


Gents from £10.00
Gents restyle from £13.00
Gents cut and beard trim from £13.50
Gents cut/wash/dry from £14.00
Beard Trim £4.00
OAP Mon-Thurs from £7.50
OAP cut/wash/dry from £11.00
Childs from £7.50
Head Shave (1 Grade) £7.00
Head Shave (2 Grades) £8.00


Telephone: 01522 691231